360 Root APK Download & Alternatives for Android Smartphone 2019

360 Root

360 root is an android rooting app, designed to root any android device using this app. this app supports more than 9000 devices i.e., almost all major brands of android devices can root using this app. This app provides even the newest android user with a simple method to check their device for root access. Rooting is an advanced operation so before proceeding to root you should take a full backup of your device data in order to ensure that no data is lost.

About 360 Root APK

  • 360 root always allows you to root your device with a single tap.
  • Using 360 root non-techie users can also root their devices with great ease and can also be able to use it without difficulties.
  • 360 security center officially provides 360 root app so, all the credits must go to them.
  • The developers of this app say that 360 roots will be helpful in rooting more than 9000 android devices.

How to Download 360 Root

To get this app, you must the app. During the installation, the app requests a lot of permissions to get accessed with the mobile OS. you have to accept the permissions. During downloading, android will give you a warning about the security threat several times. so you have to turn off the security setting and grant all the permissions and then reload the device to activate the root access.

360 Root App Permissions

In order to download the 360 root apk on your device, this app requires the following permissions. they are:

  • You have to open network sockets.
  • you have to grant the permission for the app to access information about networks.
  • you have to accept the permission to access the information about WIFI networks.
  • permission to access the approximate location.

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Features of 360 Root

After downloading the 360 root app on your device, you can enjoy the following features:

  • 360 root app allows one-click root access i.e., you can get root privileges on your android devices.
  • To root your device by using this app, all you have to is simply install this app and press on the root button. using this app to root your device is an easy task with its simple UI.
  • One of the best features of this app is you can uninstall unwanted pre-installed system apps from your device using 360 root app.
  • This application has a facility to lock the gallery, you can lock the gallery on your android phones and tablet. you can install the 360 root app to lock the gallery on your device.
  • This app has an ability to clear the cache data on your device, by clearing the memory on your device you can improve the performance of the device.

How To Download 360 Root Apk

Here is the procedure to download the 360 root apk on your device:

  • You can download the 360 root apk download here for android from below button 🙂
  • download the app from the browser and click on install to install the app.
  • During the downloading and installing of the app, Android will give you a warning about the security threat several times. so to stop the warning you have to go to the security settings and turn off the security setting and grant all the permissions and then reload the device to activate the root access.
  • After the installation of the app, you can root your device.
  • you could also download apk of 360 roots and run it using popular android emulators.

Supported Operating System

360 root is perfectly designed and developed to root your android handset, the app works well on almost all of the android handsets working on android version 2.3+. Install the app on devices running these OS:

  • Android 2.3+
  • Android KitKat
  • Android Lollypop
  • Android Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo
  • Windows 10 or windows 8 or windows XP via bluesticks.

Alternatives for 360 Root


kingroot is one of the most excellent apps which enable you to root your android device with one click solution. It is one pf the fastest rooting apps which do not require any computer system to go along with the rooting process. it is one of the most powerful tools for rooting android devices that provides you high success rate and assures the succeed rooting process. the app also includes a simple user interface which well supports all most all android versions from different manufacturers such as Samsung, googles, Sony, HTC and much more. Kingroot is one f the perfect software tools which also enable you to enjoy bug fixing and get rid of different lags in addition to the cost free rooting process.


Frameroot is one of the best rooting apps which expands the boundaries of your android devices and much more. It offers super users access which helps a lot in installing various apps which are previously not being supported. It helps the users in removing bugs, flashing the android devices with custom ROM and boosts up the better time as well.


This is another alternative of 360 roots, it is one of the smallest roots which enables you to gain root access on Android devices without connecting it to the PC. the mobile app is well compatible with most of the devices and hence can be easily downloaded on a large number of Android operating systems with the phones default browser. Rooting your android device with the help of towelroot is a straightforward process which consumes only a few seconds to complete the process. you need to download and install the app on your device and press the root button to go along with the process. Guaranteed security and safety are one of the best features of this wonderful app which makes it favorite among the best rooting apps available in the market.


360 root is a useful app if you are an Android enthusiast and root your phone regularly. you can use 360 root with as many devices as the app is free of cost. If the language is in Chinese, you can change the language by going to the settings and change it to English. Install 360 root on more OS and download similar one click root apps from 360

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