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Simulators are crazy life stress relieving games ever on the mobile smartphone in this internet world which gives a feel of virtual reality where you can play the whole game yourself by performing the activities all over with much ease all the way according to the theme of the simulator 🙂

Big City Life Simulator

From the creators of the popular multi-million game San Andreas, World of Derby and Clash of Crime comes to Big City Life Simulator. It is time to conquer a larger city and treat yourself in all its glory. Start your way with simple work and move the ladder if career to become famous. The hurdles will come such as weapons, shooting, and the police. There are huge numbers of tasks, missions, steep wheelbarrows in the game.

The plot of the game

It’s a story of a young guy who comes to a huge metropolis city where he is faced with the problems of survival as the larger city requires more money. He works on various different jobs, acquires new invaluable experiences, changing from one work to another, in search of a suitable job. From being a pizza dispenser to being a garbage removal worker, he is mastering new, more complex jobs. It is all about his new life in a larger city. Although it is nothing like San Andreas and Los Santos, you will not get bored from regularly playing the game as the makers of the game regularly update Big  City Life: Simulator considering all the suggestions given by the players. This game has acquired a lot of style from Grand Theft Auto Series games such as GTA San Andreas.

The task of Big City Life Simulator

The main task of the gamer is to earn money for buying fashionable clothes, a home, and a car. You will get into gunfights with gangsters and get involved in police chases. After all, you have to account for the big money that you are making.

It’s time to conquer a larger city and show yourself in all its glory. To become famous, you will not be helped by weapons, shooting and leaving the police. Start your way with a simple worker and move up the career ladder. A huge number of tasks, missions, steep wheelbarrows in the game Big City Life: Simulator.

Features of the game Big City Life: Simulator

– Colorful models of characters, vehicles, and buildings
– HD graphics
– Optimization of control for touch screens
– More opportunities for the open gaming world
– The endless sea of gameplay
– Absolute freedom of action
– Thief simulator

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Features of the game process

– Create a character at your discretion
– Dress the character in the latest fashion squeak
– Go to the gym, swing your muscles
– Follow the indicators of hunger and energy
– Fulfill the desires and goals of the character
– Get the rights and buy yourself a cool car, and better all
– Became cool? Start buying property

Big City Life Simulator Download

Big city Simulator lets you take over a big metropolis by your own power and prove that you are worth that power. The game calls in for some action such firing dangerous weapons, shooting down enemies and evading police. It makes you build your career right from the scratch. Initially, you are a normal citizen, then you do normal jobs but with the time you move up to the peak and become the most rated gangster of the city.

You Can Download the Big City Life Simulator Game download from this page by simply clicking on download button below 🙂

Complete all the missions and quests and you have to ensure that your power out takes all of those who are standing against you.

Attributes of Gaming Process

  • Gamer has to create a character at his own discretion
  • He/she has to dress up the character according to the latest fashion streak
  • The character has to go to a gym and work-out
  • Gamer has to accomplish the desires and goals of the character
  • Earn money and buy cool stuff
  • After all, this, start purchasing property

Simple Yet Impressive UI.

Let’s begin with the movement section as this is the most used buttons. On the bottom left corner, you can see a directional pad that allows you to roam around freely in 360 degrees. On the other side, there will be an option to change the viewing angles of the character, whether you want to look from third person view or any other mode, there are like four different angles available.

Right next to the camera button, you will find a toggle between walking or running, if you are in a rush, you can always enable the running mode.

Keep an Eye Over Your Statues!

There are three indicators at the top left corner right next to the radar. This radar or in a form of a map is there to show your exact location in the city, and it will also help you to reach your missions locations. This is a very common feature that we got to find in almost every game.

What is new here is the Hunger, Energy, and Mood bars. These are something that we didn’t expect to find in a game that is playable on the mobile devices. You need to always keep an eye over this part to know exactly when your character is going to crush down from the hunger, or even if you ran out of the energy, you would start looking for a bed right away.


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