Instagram for iPad Download Latest Version of 2019

Instagram for iPad

One famous saying is there that bigger is better but that is not always correct in these days you can see the pictures, videos, and different media on your smart screen. Don’t get me wrong the resolutions are becoming very high and smartphone screens are becoming very large. Instagram is one of the hottest online-based mobile sharing apps. It’s visual, quick and very simple to use this app. Similar other social network sites like Twitter and Facebook each and every person who creates an Instagram account will have a new feed along with the profile. Whenever you post something like a picture or a video it will be displayed on your profile.  Like all other social network sites, you can also interact with the users who are using Instagram. There is also another option where you can save the photos too. Instagram for I pad is one of the mobile-based photo sharing apps. Instagram which will allow its users to share photos and videos which can be done either publicly or privately on the app. Stay connected with the Instagram app and get the updates now with the bigger screen from iPad.

Instagram for iPad Download

It was designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in the year 2010 as the free photo sharing mobile app. It has huge popularity and with more than 500 million registered users. With Instagram capture the best moments which are happened to you or around the world. In the year 2012, the Social media giant Facebook-owned Instagram. Instagram for iPad has increased more than 23 percent whereas for Facebook it was 3 percent only. You can follow your near and dear ones to see the latest updates and you can also follow your favorite celebrities of different things from all over the world. As iPad is well known for its camera and quality images using the Instagram will be the best pair and treat and for the other users. The Instagram users can make their images more stunning by applying filters to that. Videos on Instagram added support for wider screen resolutions up to 1080 pixels and there won’t be any long wait for preloaded videos. You can also chat with your loved ones from anywhere at any time with Instagram iPad.

Different Specifications for Instagram iPad

  • App name: Instagram
  • Developed by: Instagram, Inc
  • Categories: Social networking
  • Version: 10.28
  • Compatibility: Requires 8.0 or later one
  • File size: 119MB

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Various features of Instagram

  • Users can go live by creating share disappearing live stream videos up to one hour by connecting with friends and followers right then.
  • One can post photos or videos and keep the picture or file to upload with which you want to keep them on the profile grid.
  • There is also an option to edit them by using the filters and tools.
  • Multiple clips can be joined and can make a video.
  • You can create a story by adding multiple videos and photos. By using the text and drawing tools you can bring those lives and these will disappear after 24 hours and they won’t appear anywhere.
  • You can follow different people and different communities and can be stay updated. From the top feed, you can watch the stories and photos.
  • One can explore tab of other people whose account was not under private.
  • Instagram for iPad offers many different filters where the users can use those to get a better look and feel.
  • There is another option called Handoff if you enable that then you can switch your Apple watch and your iPhone.

Download Instagram for iPad

  • The proper Instagram app is Instagram, Inc. download that one only.
  • Open the App Store on your iPad and you can take any one of the two routes to get Instagram installed.
  • Click on the Purchased icon at the bottom of the app store and then on the screen all of your purchased apps, simply click on the ‘iPad Apps’ icon and then choose the iPhone apps. After that scroll down until you find Instagram and then click the download button. this will only work when you have Instagram on another iPhone and so it will be in your purchased list.
  • Another way is to download the Instagram from first
  • Click on the Download Button below

Instagram for iPad Download

  • After that when you’re on the featured tab, search for Instagram and then you can see the original app which won’t show up.
  • Click where it says iPad only and then click on the top right to choose the iPhone.
  • Voila you can see the official Instagram app

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