Best Sad Movies On Netflix to Kick Start 2019 for Movie Freaks

Sad Movies On Netflix

Netflix is all about the entertainment at our doorstep and we are the one enjoys, joys, thrills, fears and also mourns for the movies that telecast on the world’s best and top entertainment movies and series app. Netflix is the entertainment in our pocket and very close to us to cheer all about 🙂 So, for all the movie freaks and fans here is the list for you that you are looking for ” sad movies on Netflix” to watch out with a heartbreak within .. check out below for the top sad movies out there 🙂

List of Sad Movies on Netflix

Sometimes when a person is going through any heartbreak from their loved ones, tragedy movies help to cry out every single drop. Here are some of the sad movies from Netflix:

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Across the universe is the story about the poor artist from Liverpool named Jude and a rich American girl named Lucy. Jude enlists in the merchant navy and jumps ship in NJ hoping to meet his Grandfather whom he has never met. In the meantime, he meets Lucy and gets attracted to her. There is a key difference and that told the entire story through Beatles song.

  1. ”REMEMBER ME” – Movie

Remember me is the story of two lovers who were dealing with the loss. Tyler is the person whose parents became apart in the wake of his brother’s suicide. He meets Ally who lives her life to the full from the day of her mother’s murder. Though they both love each other, there is some external force that tears them apart.

  1. “CHARLIE ST. CLOUD” – Movie

Charlie is the person who loves his brother who was dead. He realizes that he can interact with the ghost of his brother. He talks to his brother Sam and plays baseball with him every day. Later, a girl enters Charlie’s life and he has to make a decision between his brother or his girl. It is really a sad decision for Charlie to choose one among them.

  1. “THE GREAT GATSBY” – Movie

The Great Gatsby is the story of a stockbroker who will be drawn back to the past and the lavish lifestyle of his neighbor Jay Gatsby. He will realize what all he went through to reunite with his lost love.

  1. “ANNA KARENINA” – Movie

Anna Karenina is the story of a married Russian aristocrat and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. Even though she falls for him, she is afraid to leave her husband because of the social norms in Russia. This leads to the destruction because she is unable to deny her feelings for Count Vronsky.

  1. “ATONEMENT” – Movie

In 1935, a 13-year-old with a huge imagination and a crush on her servant’s son (and older sister’s lover) tells a terrible lie that changes the course of several lives and destroys a great love.

  1. “ONE DAY” – Movie

Dexter and Em spend the night of their college graduation together and realize that they are meant to be friends. It catches up with the pair on the same day over the course of 20- year friendship. All this movie runs in the tension that will they finally realize that they are in love. The end catches your emotion.

  1. “BECOMING JANE” – Movie

Becoming Jane is the story of Jane Austen’s rumored real-life romance with young Irishman Tom Lefroy. The ending will be a sob feast to all the viewers.

  1. “FORREST GUMP” – Movie

This classic film originated the classic line, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Even though the story is about the life of Forrest Gump, a boy with a below average IQ, but an above average level of loyalty and the ability to love. Which is why even though Forrest’s love story with his childhood best friend Jenny isn’t the main focus of the film, it’ll still manage to break your heart AND put it back together again.


This is all about your query for the sad movies on Netflix around, get info and tips to use the netflix on 2019 to utilize every penny you pay for the Netflix stay tuned here 🙂 bookmark us for many informative news and updates.

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