Ship Simulator Games 2019 Download for PC

Ship Simulator

Simulator games are the best and virtual reality enjoyable games on pc and you can also download and play them on android, windows. Check the best ship simulator games and check how to download them below.. 🙂

Ship Simulator Games

One of the best simulator games to be launched in 2018, World Ship Simulator occurs in a fictitious environment where you get a chance to captain most amazing vessels in the world sailing through an expansive ocean to start your career as a maritime soldier.

In this game, you start slow and simple with a single ship and complete the various tasks and jobs which are assigned to you to proceed in the game. Once you complete the jobs and gain more experience, you can take up more demanding and adventurous tasks which will offer you with better rewards on winning. You can use the rewards that you earn, especially cash, to purchase more ships vessels and fix your older and broken vessels in order to create a successful shipping company for yourself.

Ship Simulator Features

In this game, you have the ability to captain six ships at a time and can use Steam Workshop support to download ships or share your ships with other players. This game will include an open world with numerous landmarks and ports that are inspired by real life and there won’t be any loading screens between these different ports.

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You have the option to choose a career mode in the game which will allow you to take different jobs in order to earn some experience and money. You will have to go through different weather conditions to complete your tasks and will have to endure several patches of fog and storms to win some money. You also have the ability to manipulate time in order to quicken the game so as to pass those long event less journeys and you can also leave your ship on the ports in order to complete the missions. You will have three types of boats available in this game: Speed Boats, Port Boat, and Bulk Carrier Boat.

Type of Boats Available

A speedboat is the quickest and most luxurious boat which is a little expensive can offer you one of the best moments in your life as you cruise on the ocean in this extravagant ship. Port Boat is one of the most essential vessels which perform different roles around the port which includes escorting large container ships to the constantly moving navigational markers.

Finally, we have the Bulk Carrier Boat which is mainly used to transport huge cargo like grains and coal, all over the world. It is not the fastest ship on the sea but it is most useful for logistical transport between various countries.

Downloading Options

You can download this game both on PC and Mac but you need to pay attention to the System requirements in order to ensure that you will be able to play this game on your device. If you don’t mind shelling out some money then you can download this game from STEAM directly. However, if you would like download this game for free then you can go to websites like oceanofgames,,, etc. or simple download from below button 🙂

Ship Simulator Games

If you want to download a similar type of Ship simulation game on your Android or your iOS phone, then you can go to Play Store or Apple iTunes for the same.

This is undoubtedly the perfect games for sea lovers and people who have always aspired to get a career in the maritime industry. So don’t miss out on this simulator and download it on your PC or phone soon.

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